An Epic Adventure - 2006

July 21, 2006

July 22, 2006

July 23, 2006

July 24, 2006

July 25, 2006

July 26, 2006

July 27, 2006

July 28, 2006

Day 4

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Final Notice:  
Just in case anyone wants to know, we leave on our Epic Adventure Friday July 21.  I am enclosing a list of our planned overnight stops.  Should be relatively easy to find us!   
We will have both our cell phones with us,  but coverage varies and you may not be able to reach us until we get to an overnight stop.
Ann & Jim will be meeting up with us on July 27 at Joes CO.  As for the rest of you, I know you may be motivated by this note to want to come with us, but you will have to restrain yourselves because it is now too late to get ready in time!  Maybe next year!

Event Sponsor:    Atchison County Bicycle Club

Event Sponsor
Trip Map:    We will be following Hwy 136 West to Hwy 81 , south on hwy 81 to 36, and west on hwy 36.

Route Map

My staff made a "rider" which they are going to move along our route of travel to keep patients up with our progress, cute.
Riders on trip map.
Equipment List:  Mike carried Jannd mini-mountain panniers and a Jannd trunk.  Pat carried a Jannd saddle bag and a trunk. Equipment was spread between the packs with the final weights being:  Pat's packs were 13 pounds and Mike's packs were 15 pounds not including the water bottles.  We took six water bottles(five of them Mega bottles) and since Mike carried four of them he really had the heavier load!    All our gear was packed in zip lock bags for compression and water-resistance.

Clothing:  we each wore a set of clothes and carried a spare set, so each night we did laundry. We took clothes that were light and fast to dry.  We wore multi-purpose bike shoes so we did not have to carry any spares. We carried two reflective rain jackets, bike helmets, hats, sunglasses, and bike gloves.

 Trek 1000C bikes with Continental Gator-skin tires, 700c 28, and liners. Jannd rear racks. Carried two foldable tires and ten tubes as well as a patch kit, three tire levers, and a pump. Misc equipment:  multipurpose bike tool, two spoke kits, chain/multi-purpose lube, electrician's black tape, cable with lock,  two front lights and two rear flashers, space blanket, mace, ultra-sonic dog deterrent/flashlight, travel alarm, toilet paper, misc. toiletries, vitamins/emergency medications,  two cell phones with chargers, digital camera,  credit card, cash, insurance cards, and Pat's Palm Pilot with all our trip information.  Oh, and lets not forget the two "Kansas" trees better known to people not familiar with western Kansas as umbrellas.  

July 21, 2006
Route: Rock Port MO to Tecumseh NE  
Overnight at: Super 8 Motel
OK so we have had a slight delay in getting started.  It has been raining hard all morning but is clearing up now.  We are getting a ride to Auburn (1/2 way) and will ride from there to Tecumseh.  We are having a staff lunch at the Sonic in Auburn for the staff.   
Ride to Auburn

Tecumseh is a lovely spot with a great downtown, complete with brick  streets and a great looking courthouse.
health care TecumsehHomeland securityTecumseh Courthouse
AC/BC members Ann & Jim Waterman surprised us by showing up to ride day 2 and day 3 with us.  The club awarded Jim with a trophy for his Century Ride.
Century Award

July 22, 2006
Route: Tecumseh NE to Fairbury NE  
Overnight At: Capri Motel

July 23, 2006
Route: Fairbury NE to Belleville KS   
Overnight at: Super 8 Motel

July 24, 2006
Route: Belleville KS to Smith Center KS  
Overnight at: US Center Motel
Who would have guessed - a WiFi hot spot available is available at the hotel.

July 25, 2006
Route: Smith Center KS to Norton KS  
Overnight at: Brooks Motel 

July 26, 2006
Route: Norton KS to Atwood KS  
Overnight at: Home Away Guest House
Arrived mid day - the temperature was 104 degrees.

July 27, 2006
Route: Atwood KS to Joes CO   
Overnight at: RunAway Inn 

 July 28, 2006
Route:  Joes CO to Frisco CO  
Overnight at: Galena Street Mountain Inn
Over 505 miles pedaled!  Check out the pictures in Pat's photogallery.   Not all the photos have been posted, there are many more to come.

 July 29, 2006
Route: Frisco CO 

day 4